Interpreting and Translating

In addition to our various language courses abroad, we also offer our professional interpreting and translating services for various texts and official matters. Our top priority is your satisfaction and the quality of our translations or interpreting jobs. Our young and highly motivated team is committed to meeting your specific needs and recognizing the importance of your business. At oroba, we set the standard for quality and service. We specialize in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Japanese, etc. You are sure to find your target language in our repertoire.

Interpreting and Translating


Our tightly connected network of certified and professional interpreters from all over Germany are making an effort to fulfill a satisfactory job. We offer our services for meetings, conferences, business affairs, court cases, and other jobs.

Interpreting at conferences or for negotiations is the most popular form of interpreting which can be generally divided in two further methods:

Simultaneous interpreting is a method of interpretation in which the message is translated into the target language at the same time the speaker is speaking, usually with a loss of only a few seconds. Thus, the communication flow does not need to be interrupted. Simultaneous interpreting takes place in an interpreter’s booth without the need of technical tools. Our interpreters prepare themselves with utmost care for your specific needs so that during your business meetings no valuable time will have to get lost.

Consecutive interpreting is a method of interpretation in which the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish their message before transmitting it into the target language. This method is time-delayed which allows an accurate communication between business partners.

Our experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreters make sure that your conference, meeting or negotiation will proceed without any problems.
Your reliable partner for interpreting services.


Our services and fields of expertise for translations:

  • Legal affairs and Law
  • Translation of Certificates and Contracts
  • Court Decisions
  • Medical Documents
  • Technologies
  • Technical and industrial Documents
  • Electronic engineering
  • Financial affairs and Banking
  • Advertising texts
  • Culture, Literature, History, Economics and more
  • Tourism
  • Degrees
  • Applications
  • And more…

Our translations are only conducted by competent and experienced, officially certified translators. You can be assured to receive a high-quality translation as true to its original as possible fulfilling all the qualifications of the authorities.

Punctuality, accuracy, reliability and quality are our top priorities. We need to see the certificates first, then we can tell you how long and how much the translation will cost and send it to you by fax, email or any other way you prefer.

We have specialized our services for certified translations. Our most requested services include:
- Certificates 
- Birth, death, marriage certificate 
- Driving licenses 
- Contracts 
- School and university reports 
- Attestations 
- Documents for identification

With our wide range of certified translations, we also offer our services for non-certified translations, such as term papers, Bachelor degree thesis’s, etc.

Specialist Translations

Translators for specialist translations from all fields do not only require a complete knowledge of the target and source language but also a profound expertise. Thanks to their professional education and experience, our specialist translators can guarantee high-quality and accurate translations in their respective field.

Technical Translations

With the rising importance of different technical developments, the focus of translations has also started to shift towards technologies. Due to the expansion abroad of small and medium-sized enterprises and the relocation of development, production and sales to different places the demand of technical translations has increased as well. Additionally, multilingual technical documentation also plays an important role for various providers with regard to marketing and customer loyalty.

We have made it our task to fill this gap and to translate technical documents. Thanks to their professional education and experience, our specialist translators do not only guarantee high-quality and accurate translations in their respective field, but also to appeal to the interest of the respected target audience. It does indeed make a difference for whom the content is intended: the specialist or the consumer.

Our services include:
- Operating instructions 
- Assembly instructions
- Technical documentation 
- Product descriptions 
- Delivery contracts 
- Sales contracts 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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